Popular Food Fads You Must Not Believe

Popular Food Fads You Must Not Believe

We have learned over the years that certain things are true about certain foods. Food fads are all too common. They can lead to unhealthy living habits and long-term health problems.

These are some common food fads currently in circulation. These are false and you should be aware of how they can impact you.

1. Juices are just as good as fresh fruit

People prefer to drink fruit juices to fresh fruits. Juicing fruits is refreshingly more refreshing than eating them. Juicing, however, removes the nutritious fiber content of fruits. However, it retains all the vitamins and minerals found in the fruit. Fiber is an important component of our diet. It helps keep cholesterol low and our bowels healthy. Choose fresh fruits over fruit juice whenever possible.

2. Coconut oil is good for your health

Although this has been a controversial topic for some time, things are becoming clearer. Coconut oil was once believed to be good for you. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this belief. Coconut oil is high in harmful saturated fats, which can lead to clogging of the heart arteries. The American Heart Association recently released a statement discrediting the health benefits of coconut oils, saying that it does more harm than good. Use olive oil and rice bran oil whenever possible.

3. A gluten free diet is better for health

This popular food trend is very popular. It is false to say that gluten-free food is healthier than regular food. Gluten-free food is not recommended for people with gluten intolerance, or coeliac disease. Whole wheat products are a healthier choice. As protects your heart, it is important to choose a diet high in soluble fiber.

4. Eggs are not good for you

Although eggs yolks can raise cholesterol levels, it is not enough to cause any serious problems. They are high in vitamins, good fats, and high quality protein. Limit yourself to 3 eggs per week.

5. Better anti-oxidant supplements

Anti-oxidant supplements can be used in place of eating the fruits and vegetables with them. Natural sources are better than artificial ones due to their additional benefits. You can keep your vegetable choices colorful, and increase the variety of your dishes.

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