6 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Workout

6 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Workout

It is amazing to me how many people go to the gym and get so little out of it. They just wander around with no plans or real effort. You’ve probably seen them. They’ll do a few sets of something, then look around and wonder what next. Maybe a few curls or crunches or shoulder presses. They will spend five to ten minutes talking with someone they know (or would like to). They’re done in 45 minutes, and they are ready to go. It’s a complete waste of time.

I know I want to get the best out of every workout. I don’t want to waste any time if I get up at 5:30 AM to do my workouts. To get the best out of each workout, there are many things I do. These tips will help you see great results.

Make a plan for your workouts. Planning your workouts does not mean you should just go. It is important to identify which muscle group you want to target, the exercises that you will do, and how many sets each exercise requires. This will help you stay focused on the goals of your workout.

2. Make sure you eat properly before starting to work out. Eat a small, healthy meal between 45 and an hour before starting your workout. Primary carbohydrates are great for snacking or pre-workout meals. They are quick to digest and provide good fuel. Examples of primary carbohydrates include whole grain toast, oatmeal, bagels and bananas.

3. Keep track of your workouts. I keep a log of all my workouts. If I don’t log my workouts, it doesn’t make me feel accomplished. How can I tell if I’m doing what I planned? How can I track how my workouts are going? What will I do when I’m done? Logging your workouts has many benefits. I can see my progress, look at the log to see if any muscle groups are being neglected, and make adjustments to my exercises. It doesn’t matter if you have fancy equipment. My log is kept on legal pads. I take them out of the pad and punch holes in each sheet. Then, I put them in a 1-inch binder. It’s easy to do.

4. Time your exercises. My goal is to complete my workouts within 40-50 minutes. This means I’m not resting too much between sets. It also means I am burning more calories by keeping my heart rate high. This means I am working at an acceptable pace if I can complete 16 to 20 sets in the given time.

5. Get plenty of fluids when you work out. Drink 8 oz. Every 15 to 20 minutes, drink 8 oz. You can carry your fluids with you in a convenient container so that you don’t interrupt your workout.

6. After a hard workout, have a protein shake. Do not skip this one. Your hard work will not be appreciated if you don’t eat right after it. You should eat protein, carbs, and no fat. Your post-workout meal should be consumed within 30 minutes. After working out, I always drink a protein shake. Because it is digested faster, a liquid shake is better than regular meals. Whey protein is the fastest-digesting protein and is ideal for post workout meals. To give it more flavor, I add 1/2 cup frozen fruit to low-fat milk. I feel fuller for longer periods of time by adding the fruit.

These tips will make a huge difference in your results. Good luck!

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