How to Decide Which Home Workout Is Right for You

How to Decide Which Home Workout Is Right for You

You’ve made the decision to exercise at home. You are done with the hassles and commute of a gym and no longer want to pay monthly fees or deal with annoying people who make it difficult for you to exercise. You can work out at home, but which workout should it be? You can find a lot of workouts online and on TV, so how do you choose the right one? Simple. Simple.

First, be honest with yourself. Everyone wants immediate results and everyone wants to see those results quickly. Many of us go to extreme lengths in order to achieve a complete body transformation within three months. We end up going through exhaustion before we even reach three weeks. Let’s face it, people. Your body may not be able to handle hard exercise if you haven’t worked out for six months. Your ligaments and joints are weaker. You will only injure yourself if you push yourself to the limit. You can start your workout journey by being honest and smart.

The second step is to determine your goals. Are you looking to lose weight as fast as possible? Do you want to gain muscle and bulk up? Are you looking to tone your core or work out with cardio kickboxing and fun music? Identify your priorities and compare the workouts that match them. Any workout that includes resistance training or calisthenics will bulk you up. While plyometrics and cardio will help you lose weight, plyometrics and other sports drills will help you shed the extra pounds. You should avoid any ‘intro’ workouts if you are looking for a tough workout. If you want to get started quickly, avoid anything that is called ‘extreme.

The workout’s duration is also important. You should expect to work out for two to three months if you are doing intense or extreme workouts. There will be variations so that you can earn a bonus. You should aim for a shorter, easier workout that takes six to two months. This will help you choose the right workout.

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